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What Our Clients Say


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It is always wise to check references before selecting a supplier, hiring an employee, or engaging a professional services firm. Here are some quotes from our clients about the consulting & training services Strategic Procurement Solutions provided to them. We are happy to provide potential clients with copies of the actual letters:

"I would like to personally thank you for the wealth of knowledge and experience you brought to consulting engagements at {Company}. Your willingness to share your knowledge of procurement best practices in the industry was of significant benefit, assisting us to re-engineer our process from a transaction oriented purchasing function into a strategic sourcing effort. Of special note, are the outstanding training courses you provided both to our associates in procurement, as well as to our IT managers and executives. Benefits gained from educating our IT group on good procurement protocol have, and will continue to accrue significant long-term savings for {Company}. Your record of achievement at {Company} is impressive. To date cumulative savings achieved as a result of our "partnership" on strategic sourcing initiatives are approaching $40 million and will exceed that number when we complete current initiatives on copier technology and commercial print consolidation.

Thank you again for your valuable contribution to our organization. The positive impact of your experience and professionalism will be felt for many years at {Company}". Vice President of Finance & Corporate Procurement, Top Five Managed Care Provider

"{Company} has enjoyed our business relationship with Strategic Procurement Solutions. Bob Dunn, Mark Trowbridge, and their colleagues provided very helpful procurement consulting and training services to our organization.

During their engagement, they trained our staff concerning "Strategic Procurement Management". This instruction expanded the vision, capability, and knowledge of many of our employees regarding supply-chain "best practices" and concepts. To be honest, many of our employees already held C.P.M. designations and were active NAPM members, and didn't want to go through "another" training course. By the end of the week-long training, however, they gave the program great praise. Pre and post-training test scores also increased by nearly 40%, representing a significant increase in knowledge.

Strategic Procurement Solutions also conducted a strategic sourcing project for digital photocopiers. They provided excellent guidance for {Company's} cross-functional team, preparing quality RFP documents, guiding proposal analysis, and leading supplier negotiations. The project resulted in estimated term savings exceeding $25 Million and a world-class digital output program for {Company}. More importantly, there was a transfer of knowledge to our project leaders that will be used again and again.

Strategic Procurement Solutions provided us with valuable insights into organizational design, personnel selection & development, and strategic sourcing principals. I'm pleased with the professional services provided to {Company} by Strategic Procurement Solutions, and would not hesitate to recommend them to other corporate customers". Assistant Vice President & Director of Strategic Sourcing, Fortune 100 Insurance Provider

"I am writing to thank you for the excellent Strategic Procurement Management Training program presented to {Company's} supply-chain leaders. I am pleased to report that the training program exceeded expectations in both our production and non-production functions. The sixty-five procurement professionals who participated in the training program significantly sharpened their skills. The pre and post examinations reflected a 42% mean increase in proficiency. Perhaps even more importantly, the student surveys reflected a near perfect approval rating on both the instructive and interactive sessions. {Company's} internal shareholders continue to benefit from the deployment of the training principals. The procurement team's satisfaction level among internal clients has increased by 10%+. Overall, the Strategic Procurement Management Training program proved to be a very shrewd investment of time and resources. We intend to continue to invest in follow-on professional training where appropriate.

I would be remiss not to mention that I recently had the pleasure of presenting the results of the Strategic Procurement Management Training program at the C.A.P.S. International Executive Purchasing Roundtable conference in Scottsdale, AZ. The presentation, which contained many excerpts and video clips from your material, received a very positive response from the senior procurement executives present at that conference.

I look forward to discussing advanced training opportunities with you soon". Director of Corporate Procurement, Top Five Computer Manufacturer

"Thank you for the valuable consulting & training services you have provided to {Company's} purchasing team. During your time with our organization, your efforts have contributed to our capture of $19 Million in cost reductions. Our decentralized purchasing operations have been consolidated towards a single refined organization focusing on strategic procurement opportunities. You have trained our procurement staff, and our key client organizations, regarding the importance of a consolidated approach towards the supplier community. The hard-dollar savings we've achieved, coupled with your reasonable fee levels, have enabled us to realize a R.O.I. of "100:1". That's an impressive number, and we look forward to similar results on your future services. If you would like to use my name as a reference, I'd be happy to speak with potential clients about the positive relationship I've experienced with Strategic Procurement Solutions". Director of Strategic Procurement, Fortune 500 Health Care Corporation

"I'd like to commend you for the great job you did supporting our Purchasing Development Initiative. Your ability to accurately assess our staff, and to develop an appropriate training program that met our needs, has put us in the position where we can now respond to the strategic needs of the corporation. My staff thoroughly enjoyed the training programs you conducted and greatly appreciated how you were able to cite personal experiences and cases that they could easily relate to. Without your assistance, strategic sourcing at {Company} would only be a concept". Vice President of Administrative Services, Eastern Financial Institution "This letter is to recommend and acknowledge Strategic Procurement Solutions as "THE BEST" educational training organization affiliated with the National Association of Purchasing Management of {Location}, Inc. We have been working with Bob Dunn and Mark Trowbridge of Strategic Procurement Solutions for several years, and consider them to be among the most progressive Supply Management experts in the world. It is without hesitation that I recommend Strategic Procurement Solutions as the premiere supply management domain and training experts…they are proficient in consulting, training, advising, and coaching within the area of Supply Management. They are rated A+ by our seminar students…" Please free to email me at anytime should you like to discuss the abilities of Strategic Procurement Solutions". President & CEO, Top Five I.S.M. Chapter

"On behalf of {Company} and the Corporate Purchasing Department, I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the wonderful job you did in supporting our commercial print opportunity. Your ability to understand the requirements of a demanding client and to incorporate them into a novel RFP, directly led to the capturing of more than a million dollars in cost savings. Needless to say, our Chief Financial Officer was very pleased with the results. I would also like to acknowledge the manner in which you dealt with my staff. They were made to feel comfortable by your patience and easygoing style and were impressed with the depth of your market knowledge and purchasing experience. Please feel free to add the name {Company} to your list of satisfied customers and to use my name as a personal reference. Thanks once again for all of your help". Vice President & Director, Purchasing & Administrative Services, Large Eastern Regional Bank

"On behalf of the {Company} Supply Management Services, I want to tell you how pleased we were with the deliverables from the Sourcing Process Training your team developed on our behalf. Throughout the course of the training development and execution, Strategic Procurement Solutions were the consummate professionals, adding value every step of the way… The training you provided was a great value-add…as the classes were well-received by all participants. I feel that we were able to meet our objectives to reinforce proper sourcing processes and techniques, and to provide helpful information and tips towards the completion of RFQ's, RFI's, RFP's and Negotiations. The exercises, case studies, and interactive activities, along with the open communications between you and the attendees, were excellent. The leave-behind manual will be a useful reference tool now and in the future. It was a pleasure working with you and your staff on this training. My team and I wish you continued success in the future of other companies, as we perceive you did with us." Vice President, Supply Management Services, Fortune 500 Insurance Provider

"Thank you for your valuable contribution to the Institute for Supply Management's recent annual conference held in Nashville (2003). Your willingness to share your knowledge with your peers indicates your commitment to the supply management profession. The conference was a great success, and we appreciate your participation…a number of workshop attendees provided written comments as well, and they are included…
  • Presenter styles were very good. Personal survival types were good. Overall good.
  • Great presentation.
  • Great job!
  • Great information!
  • Good career advice.
  • Very good workshop. Informative. Speakers/presenters were excellent.
  • Very relevant in today's business situations.
  • Excellent presentation.
  • Good seminar. Thank you.
  • Thanks! Good!
  • Well Done.
Once again, on behalf of ISM and the conference attendees, please accept our sincere thanks for a job well done!.." Conference Speaker Coordinator, 2003 I.S.M. International Conference

"First of all, I wanted to tell you THANK YOU for assisting me on creating the Security Services RFP… Without your help, I would have not been able to create the best RFP our Purchasing Department has ever created! You were right, we saved [significant] dollars. I'm also glad we hired you to conduct our Procurement training - [compared with] all the ISM seminars that I have attended in the last 14 years, your program was by far the best! Thank you." Senior Procurement Officer, Largest U.S. Vision Care Provider

"I wish to take this opportunity to express my personal appreciation for all your efforts on behalf of . Starting with the Temporary Labor Cost Reduction and Convenience Copier Cost Reduction initiatives that were conceived last year, and continuing through the current vendor contract negotiations and detailed program implementations, Strategic Procurement Solutions has consistently demonstrated only the very highest levels of project management effectiveness and professionalism.

This commitment to exceeding customer expectations is particularly noteworthy in light of the fact that your company has been often called upon to develop programs and negotiate contracts in project settings demanding considerable tact and sensitivity. Strategic Procurement Solutions has delivered solutions in a manner that not only assured the meeting of project goals, but also the meeting of these goals in a way that fostered cooperation and mutual respect between the project team participants and vendor partners all within the constraints of a project budget.

I would highly recommend the services of Strategic Procurement Solutions to any organization considering the use of professional consulting resources…" Vice President of Finance, Not-For-Profit Hospital Group

"The National Association of Purchasing Managers (NAPM) Sacramento Valley would like to thank you both for your continuing support of our affiliate. Over the years you have contributed greatly to the success of our professional development meetings by providing valuable professional presentations to your fellow members.

Presentations like yours are the mainstay of our monthly educational dinner meetings. We are so fortunate that you are willing to generously share your expertise with the rest of the membership.

Our affiliate would not be successful without professionals like you, who take time away from your business and private lives to contribute to our educational program." President, NAPM Sacramento Valley

“Just wanted to send this letter to tell you how much impact your course has made to our employees. As you know, <Company>’s procurement & operational areas were not always receiving maximum value from our contractors and suppliers.

The “Contract & Supplier Management” program developed and presented by Strategic Procurement Solutions to our managers has helped us to derive much hidden value from the supply base. Initially the seminar was to be presented to 65 employees, but the perceived benefits and popular content have allowed us to expand the presentation to another 120 persons…in Procurement, Operations, and Engineering. We have received requests for additional presentations as well. With the ongoing changes within <Company> organizational structure, this seminar has empowered us to achieve greater results with fewer resources. The “Statement of Work” samples provided by Strategic Procurement Solutions will be used as a guideline for our employees to prepare better scope definitions for the supplier relationships they each manage.

After evaluating the entire course comments, our employees stated they enjoyed the course and have high praise for your delivery. It opened the minds and it also will influence the way our employees will perform their work for now on. I personally achieved success from participating in this course. Many thanks for all your efforts”. Senior Administrator, Corporate Contracts – Strategic Sourcing Group. Fortune 100 Energy Provider

"On behalf of the Institute for Supply Management’s <State Location> affiliate, I thank you and Bob Dunn sincerely for two dynamic days packed full of useful information on Advanced Negotiations! This confirms our record turnout of 56 participants. The seminar was very well received by our participants. The evaluations were very high. We received 17 requests for additional information about ISM and our professional certification programs, an indication that our participants were, indeed, engaged.

I would like to share participant comments on the seminar itself:
  • My first attendance to an ISM event and it was very impressive.
  • Excellent use of case studies – Real life problems.
  • The workshops took on the actual feeling that I was selling/buying – valuable information was derived especially on the selling side – which I am not accustomed to. Great job guys!
  • Very great program!
  • I was very impressed with this program. Very well put together. I enjoyed meeting everyone.
  • Interesting material. I enjoyed the discussion.
  • The program was excellent!
  • Team exercises were helpful to get other negotiation techniques.
  • Very instructional seminar. I was very impressed with the coursework and case studies.
  • Subject matter and format were good.
  • Good review of negotiation fundamentals.
  • I found the program to be informative.
  • Speakers provided significant information relating to advanced negotiations.
  • Speakers were excellent; class was excellent! Would recommend speakers to other organizations.
  • Review of stages of negotiations was helpful.
  • Good speakers, knowledgeable and very personable.

As a participant, if I may share my own remarks. The format was well designed, i.e. a thorough review of negotiation theory as well as psychological dimensions influencing the negotiation process and how to utilize this critical component to one’s advantage. The interactive use of multi-faceted case study scenarios for commodities and services common to most businesses was also very effective. Breaking up the exercises by negotiation phase with time-out to re-group helped to assimilate an understanding of the phase experientially.

Lastly, your emphasis on the supply manager as a contributor to long-term organizational visibility influenced a paradigm shift from short-term tactical thinking to strategic win-win orientation that underpins successful collaborative partnering. My colleagues involved in programming at related professional associations have asked me to follow-up with them regarding your program. I am highly-recommending your seminar as beneficial, especially in the advanced and leadership categories of their professional development continuing education programs.
If there is anything I can do for you, it shall be my distinct honor and pleasure to do so.

Best regards, President & Chief Executive Officer, NAPM <Location>

I don’t know if you recall, but while you and I were with <Company>, I used an organization called Strategic Procurement Solutions (SPS) in several projects. I can not say enough positive things about this company and the two main principals (Mark Trowbridge and Robert Dunn). We achieved a tremendous ROI on our investment with SPS due to the reasonable cost of their services when compared to the competition, and the high rate of savings that we achieved as a result of this partnership.

We initially brought them in to work on office supplies, but after seeing their work in that area, signed them up for several more expenditure areas. When I left <Company>, cumulative savings achieved with the help of SPS were well in excess of $30 Million! Unlike other companies I’ve used in the past, SPS doesn’t just identify the savings, they actively participate in helping the company achieve them. I would hire them again in a minute.

Take care and keep in touch! Vice President, Finance – Fortune 200 Health Insurance Company

“Our team at {Company} has enjoyed working with Strategic Procurement Solutions’ staff during the last six months. 

You added great value to our procurement initiative, in many ways:

  • Knowledge & implementation of supply management “Best Practices”;
  • Skill assessment testing of approximately 28 {Company} personnel who are involved in the procurement process;
  • Training of those persons in “Strategic Procurement Management”, a program which received 4.1 out of 5.0 possible points in the participant surveys;
  • Design of an improved supply management organizational structure;
  • Development of strategies to reduce companywide spending;
  • and Development & administration of a complex sourcing strategy;
I would certainly enjoy working with Strategic Procurement Solutions in the future, and recommend your services to other organizations needing advanced procurement support”.Manager, Indirect Purchasing, Top 10 Global Tire Manufacturer

“Thank you for a terrific class.  You have excited and energized my group about procurement!  It was great to see you and know that someone with your knowledge is sharing it. I’m happy to say that my challenge is not going to be “what” but in which priority.  You are appreciated!!  VP & Director of Supply Management - World's Largest Property Management Firm

"Thank you for the professional development services provided to (Company) by Strategic Procurement Solutions. The skill assessment diagnostic and training services received thus far have been top notch.

The online skill assessment diagnostic testing performed by your company confirmed our management team’s perception about additional developmental needs of our staff members based on 23 competencies associated with “world class” procurement. The assessment also identified some previously-unknown growth opportunities for key (Company) personnel. Our Supply Chain Management group’s personnel experienced very few difficulties accessing Strategic Procurement Solutions’ Internet-based diagnostic exam, and the resulting reports gave us helpful insights to take employees to the next level of performance.

The first training presentation (Advanced Procurement Negotiations) given to our team was extremely successful. The program received very high participant satisfaction rankings (3.6 out of 4.0 possible) in the post-training survey. All the participants enjoyed & benefited from the role-playing exercises…even those of us at senior levels. Everyone gained understanding and techniques they can use in their own specialty areas.

We look forward to additional training presentations from Strategic Procurement Solutions in the future!" Director of Supply Management - Top 15 U.S. Energy Firm

"Company has benefited from the services of Strategic Procurement Solutions, which we enjoyed as part of a multi-faceted consulting initiative sponsored by an international consultancy.

The Strategic Procurement Solutions team was brought in to provide supply management expertise to an initiative which impacted our company operations around the world. Their professionals helped my team of Commodity Managers in achieving multi-million dollar savings, by performing a variety of value-added services…including:

  • Development & administration of a complex sourcing strategy;
  • Facilitation of Supply Management, Engineering, and Marketing discussions to simplify and consolidate SKU’s;
  • Streamlining & revision of key contract/purchase order documents;
  • Harmonization of domestic and international procurement activities; and
  • Development and delivery of supply management training on a variety of topics, at company locations in the USA, China, Mexico, and Europe.
Our leadership team was pleased with the contributions of Strategic Procurement Solutions’ professionals: Robert Dunn, Jonathan Hanson, Mark Trowbridge, & Steve Hashman.

I would not hesitate to recommend Strategic Procurement Solutions as an excellent resource for companies to use in enhancing their own supply chain performance." Vice President, Supply Chain Management - Global Electronics Manufacturer

"In my role directing major client initiatives for a global consulting organization, I’ve periodically turned to Strategic Procurement Solutions to provide additional expertise in Procurement & Supply Chain performance.

Strategic Procurement Solutions has contributed to the success of many of our engagements, by providing skilled professionals who have assisted teams in accomplishing Multi-Million Dollar Savings & Key Efficiency Improvements, including…

  • Strategic Sourcing of High-Dollar/Complexity Spend Categories
  • Identification & Implementation of Procurement “Best Practices”
  • Reduction of Supply Chain Interruptions
  • Redesign & Improvement of Forecasting Processes
  • Outsourcing Production to Low Cost Countries (LCC)
  • Enhancement of Supplier Managed Inventory Practices
  • Development & Installation of Supplier Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Staff Training In Supplier Performance Management

Their people have sophisticated insight into supply chain issues, and work well with clients in identifying solutions which can be implemented.

I would not hesitate to recommend Strategic Procurement Solutions as an excellent resource for a sophisticated company to use in enhancing supply chain performance." Director, US Operations - 400 Employee Global Consulting Firm

"Over the last three years, I’ve utilized the services of Strategic Procurement Solutions to help improve the performance and efficiency of two strategic sourcing groups which I’ve directed. Their expertise in Supply Management has been demonstrated in the following types of services:

• Online skills testing for procurement staff, which was then incorporated into individual development planning that benefitted the procurement professional and through them procurement results.

• Onsite employee training in Advanced Procurement Negotiations, Strategic Contracting, and Supplier Performance Management for Procurement staff as well as Business Unit ‘contract managers’. Procurement Staff members and Business Unit participants strongly valued the training, and have put new techniques to work in their own jobs (with positive results). This training achieved overall satisfaction results of 4.65 (out of 5.0 possible) and improved the supply management skills of the persons trained and led to a greatly improved Business Unit appreciation and understanding of procurement’s mission and methods. We are planning to use Strategic Procurement Solutions for additional training as needed to keep skills up to date and to reach new employees yet to participate in such training.

• Redesign or development of an entire library of procurement template agreements which impart a higher level of professionalism to our sourcing organization and are yielding improved supplier contracts and terms consistency across the business. These documents include 19 pro-forma contracts tailored to our company and targeted spend categories. Our attorney assigned to work with Strategic Procurement Solutions is very pleased with the quality of their work and the final document library.

I’ve worked with many SCM consultancies during my career with [multiple companies], and feel that Strategic Procurement Solutions offers strong value to its clientele.” Manager of Strategic Sourcing, two Financial Services Companies and GE Medical

"[Company] is very pleased with our business relationship with Strategic Procurement Solutions. This company’s procurement leaders have provided excellent value to our company’s supply management operations, in many ways:

• Performed skill assessment testing and interviews, resulting in a detailed report identifying training & development opportunities for 35 of [Company’s] supply chain staff members.
• Trained multiple groups in Expert Strategic Sourcing, Techniques for Negotiating in Sole/Single Source Situations, and Fundamentals of Procurement.
• Coached cross-functional teams through complex sourcing initiatives to illustrate training concepts, including key projects which are estimated to capture $34 Million in term savings.
• Developed and implemented procedures/tools to accurately track cost savings & avoidance.
• Conducted an expenditure analysis, which resulted in a valuable tool to help our team identify opportunities to leverage supplier relationships and streamline transactional processes.
• Reviewed our portfolio agreements and identified meaningful ways to improve their effectiveness in managing risk and leveraging savings.
• Negotiated 25 new contracts/amendments in support of a multi-million dollar company project.

I would be happy to discuss the excellent contribution of Strategic Procurement Solutions’ supply chain experts.” Contracts & Commodity Manager (Top 2 Global Gold Mining Company)

"Read ISM eSide Supply Management’s most popular Top 10 articles which appeared in our online magazine during 2009 - #5 written by Mark Trowbridge, CPSM, C.P.M.”



"This letter of reference is regarding Strategic Procurement Solutions, a firm which has provided quality consulting support to [Company] during a two year period. Their services have included the following:

• Marketplace Review & Selection of a Procure-to-Pay Technology Suite: Working with a corporate strategy team comprised of stakeholders from [Company’s] Procurement, Finance, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, & Information Technology areas, Strategic Procurement Solutions helped us develop a comprehensive RFP, analyze complex proposals from 11 major software providers, conduct bidder presentations, and develop a final business award justification. The selected technology solutions will help [Company] to E-enable our Requisitioning, Transactional Procurement, Sourcing, Invoice Processing, Fixed Asset Accounting, and Expense Claim processes. The support from Strategic Procurement Solutions was invaluable, as their knowledge helped [Company] to navigate through the ‘smoke & mirrors’ of the software providers, and to make the best overall business decision.

• Sourcing of Office Supplies, Computer Supplies, and Paper Products: Strategic Procurement helped our procurement group to achieve savings in the Hawaiian marketplace. Although we were already one of the top Hawaii-based users of these products, and were buying through the marketplace leader, Strategic Procurement Solutions was able to create a competitive environment previously unknown in our State. Their knowledge of the office supply industry allowed them to generate interest from two national-level companies to invest in our marketplace, and resulted in 24% cost savings with the finalist. More importantly, the new supply program will continue to generate additional savings through processes Strategic Procurement Solutions helped us to establish.

• Training of Supplier Managers: Strategic Procurement Solutions is training our procurement organization and key supplier managers in advanced negotiating techniques, as well as “best practices” in procurement management.

My staff has enjoyed working with Strategic Procurement Solutions’ representatives, and has benefitted from their experience. Their overall work quality is excellent, and we will probably utilize them again in the future. I am confident in recommending Strategic Procurement Solutions to other procurement groups.” Chief Procurement Office, 2nd Largest Hawaiian Banking Company


Anyone with fifteen minutes to spare this week should sit down and take a close read of Mark Trowbridge's excellent analysis on improving negotiating leverage in his recent article published in Supply Chain Management Review. This is one of those once in a quarter articles where the Cliff Notes or a quick skim will not suffice. Spend the time and read all of it for yourself. In it, Mark presents seven ways of improving your negotiating strength, nearly all of which are relevant across industries (although anyone involved in manufacturing will want to take an even closer look at a few of the suggestions). If you begin with the premise he quotes from Benjamin Franklin that "Necessity never made a good bargain," then we need to take action to improve our operating leverage. The difference in some of Mark's techniques relative to others you might read about is that they're aimed at changing the basis of negotiation rather than simply improving the negotiation itself. "That's because these techniques can alter a supplier's perception of your relative strength in the negotiation process," according to the article.

Perhaps the best summary argument in the entire piece comes in the form of Technique 3: Prepare the Team to Fight the Tough Battles. Here, Mark writes that "when my firm trains supply management groups in advanced negotiation strategies, we drill home the principle that 75 percent of negotiation time should be spent outside of the room -- that is, in researching data to be used in negotiation, preparing negotiation strategy, planning team member roles, taking caucus breaks, and so on. Put another way, you need to follow the Boy Scout motto of 'Be Prepared'." So remember: whether you improve your hand from "negotiating all TCO elements before entering into a relationship" (Technique 5) or "conducting should-be cost analyses" before confronting your suppliers (Technique 4), be sure to invest the majority of your negotiation time prior to even starting a back and forth with your suppliers. Ironically, this was a lot of the thinking behind the extensive preparation for early reverse auction approaches at GE and FreeMarkets before the concept got lost in a fast pounding auction gavel”. Jason Busch,

Spend Matters, Supply Management Commentator

“Jason, I second your recommendation. This is one of the best articles I've ever seen on negotiations. I sent it to all of my colleagues. Great work, Mark!” Principal, Top 5 Supply Chain Consultancy
“Truly a great article!” Spend Matters, Supply Management Blog Comment

“During my professional career in global strategic sourcing and supply management, I have had the good fortune to work as a consultant under contract to Strategic Procurement Solutions on three different occasions early in my career. Since then, I have also served as the executive in charge of five major corporate initiatives involving global strategic sourcing and, in those roles have directly managed four of the top six international firms with recognized practices in this space. My point is this: None of those organizations bring more to the table than Strategic Procurement Solutions and its Principal, Mark Trowbridge. Mark is a recognized thought leader in strategic procurement with an extensive network of seasoned and successful professionals in supply management at the ready. I would strongly recommend that any organization considering an initiative in supply management include Strategic Procurement Solutions in its search and evaluation process to help ensure the best possible ROI for their business.” CPO Top 10 US Clothing Retailer

“Strategic Procurement Solutions has done an exceptional job in a recent Purchase-to-Pay Benchmarking assessment for my company. Mark Trowbridge and the Strategic Procurement Solutions team provided many key insights on how our organization can improve its overall P2P and Supply Chain Management processes. They have also performed outstanding training services for our contracts and procurement personnel. They brought to us Great Results, Personable Team Members, and High Integrity. Director of Contracts, Top 15 Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Company

“Mark Trowbridge is one of the most knowledgeable individuals in the procurement world that I have had the privilege to work with. He came to my company as a business consultant to provide guidance with supplier evaluations, supply chain selections, and successfully delivered Multi-Million Dollar Cost Reductions as we strived to move our company forward with strong supplier partnerships. Since our first meeting Strategic Procurement Solutions has provided my team and I with valuable training that supports "Best in Class" procurement processes and this training has enabled me to improve the overall output of my team. I highly recommend Mark Trowbridge and his company Strategic Procurement Solutions, LLC.” Director of Procure-to-Pay Operations, Leading Telecommunications Industry Information Provider

“Mark Trowbridge is highly effective at teaching strategic sourcing, contracts management and negotiation skills to supply chain organizations. I engaged Strategic Procurement Solutions when we developed a new supply chain organization through a consolidation of disparate companies acquired over time. The training efforts were useful to create a common mindset and establish a platform to better leverage the company's spend.” Director of Corporate Services, Leading North American Energy Generation & Distribution Enterprise

“Mark has @always provided great workshops and presentation for our affiliate. I highly recommend him. He always delivers Great Results, Expertise, and Creative Solutions.” President of Top 20 ISM Affiliate

“Mark Trowbridge is one of the best ‘listeners’ I've ever encountered in the world of business. His passion for giving back to the profession and assisting others is one of his many strengths. I've worked as a consultant on behalf of Strategic Procurement Solutions on two assignments; he is both compassionate and extremely knowledgeable…which was a refreshing change from many consulting/staffing firms.” Procurement Leader, Top 3 US Energy Utility & Vice President of Top 15 ISM Affiliate

“Mark Trowbridge is fantastic! He is the hardest working procurement professional that I have had the privilege of knowing. His knowledge of the process, theory, and most importantly the strategy of applying procurement best practices left me in awe of the results we received through strategic sourcing. If you are lost in your world of cost reduction, value analysis, or contract negotiation; do yourself a favor and call Strategic Procurement Solutions. You'll be glad you did!” Procurement Leader, 4th Largest Global Automobile OEM
“Mark Trowbridge led our Contracting Management Group while I was at Bank of America and drove amazing results in both contracts management and strategic sourcing. Not only was he a complete Subject Matter Expert but he took the time to build solid relationships and learn the business of those he supported. As a result he was able to lead his team in driving breakthrough results that were sustainable. His passion was a key factor in our success” EVP & Director of Corporate Services, Leading Global Banking Conglomerate

"Mark did an excellent job in presenting & discussing all aspects of the training".

"I liked the workshops and felt that would help keep my interest level up"

"I enjoyed the personal illustrations from real world experiences shared by Mark. Thanks for a great 3 days."

"Great Job!"

"Very informative. Good overview."

"Especially enjoyed the team activities and exercises."

"Great class. Learned a lot and enjoyed the stories and exercises."

"Good course. I liked the increase of knowledge in this area. Thanks for inviting all departments to participate together."

"Thank you!"

"Great job! Thanks Mark."

"Our instructor was very knowledgeable and personable. Excellent class!"

"Great class. I learnt a lot - My responsibilities don't involve sourcing but it was nice to learn the different aspects of sourcing."

"Enjoyed class. Great value to the team."

"Terrific presenter style. Perfect mix of hands-on vs. seat time."

"Was leary when I was scheduled & so relieved after we started. It was so instructive and I learned A LOT!! Thanks Mark"

(Smiley Face) "Very good!"

"Good Job!"

"I would have liked even more time on some items - but will review on my own time - update. You did a great job! Thanks"

"Good use of real world examples.

" "It was fun, interactive, and informative."

"I thought Mark did an excellent job with his presentations and his information was very informative."

"I thought the workshop was informative and well delivered."

"Mark did a great job sharing his work experiences with the group."

"Great job!"

"Overall it was very good and informative. Worth my time."

"Provided a level playing ground to begin Procurement transformation."

"I thought the presentation was very well done. It puts the entire supply division on the same knowledge base."

"Mark was a great teacher - personable, incisive and observant. I really appreciated his insights & examples and how fast he picked up on our corporation and its processes."

"Bob was wonderful and explained things perfectly - we learned so much! THANK YOU"

"Bob is wonderful to interact with. He allows our personal experiences to come into the conversation and relates them back to the materials in information presented."

"Did a good job customizing to our industry!"

"I thought the negotiation sessions provided me with a lot of knowledge that has immediate real world application."

"THANKS!! The group exercises were great!"

"Great classes!"

"Great, thanks!"

"On a 5 point scale, this gets a ‘5++++’"

"I'm very happy I participated in this class. Bob's guidance was priceless!"





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